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Sponsor Testimonials

If interested in partnering with us to help promote your business, event, cause, etc. give us a call (828-230-4510) or send us an email (chuck@advguides.com). We offer sponsorships online, in print, and at events. Also, we are looking for great places to expand The Adventure Collective-if you are interested in working with us let us know.

Don’t just take our word that working with us is a good idea. Check out a few testimonials from our partners:

cortizone-10-logo_compressed“The Adventure Collective is an ideal place for me to advertise my product to the active, outdoor consumer who isn’t always reachable through traditional media. I also like that my involvement helps support local businesses and community organizations throughout the region.” Dave Holliday, Brand Manager, Cortizone 10/Chattem, Inc.


“The Asheville Adventure Guide has been a big hit with our customers as a reliable outdoor adventure resource for the area. As a marketing tool for our business, we like the fact that our marketing message has a much longer shelf life than most other promotions that we do. Likewise, since our business is related to outdoor adventure, this is a direct hit for our marketing message. Finally, and more importantly, we know that our ad in the guide has attracted the type of customers we are looking for.” Russ Towers, Owner, Second Gear

“As an outfitter, how can you afford not to be in this product? This is a resource that organizes information on outdoor adventure and is helping to develop these markets as outdoor destinations. More importantly, my participation in the Asheville Adventure Guide has lead to direct business which has more than paid for the sponsorship cost.” Taylor Essick, Owner, Brown Dog Adventure Tours

riverlink_compressed_logo“In these times we all have to be focused on our market and cooperate and collaborate  - The Asheville Adventure Guide, which RiverLink is title sponsor, is focused, efficient and just a plain fun group to work with ! That is a winning combination: focus, efficient, and fun!” Karen Cragnolin, Executive Director, RiverLink

“The Adventure Collective’s guides satisfy a long-standing need, helping outdoor-minded visitors enjoy healthy, vigorous activities away from home. The guides provide a perfect editorial environment for our message, and we’re nocproud to advertise alongside other local adventure leaders. It’s a perfect venue for the community’s outdoor leaders to show off our area’s stellar recreational opportunities.”Charles Conner, Marketing Director, Nantahala Outdoor Center

“The staff at River City Bicycles sees the Chattanooga Adventure Guide as great piece of local information and not rivercityjust another piece of junk. We like it so much that we suggest it and hand it out to our customers. Also, we know for a fact that the guide has helped bring in some customers.” Noah at River City Bicycles

“Our guests here at the Lookout KOA love the Chattanooga Adventure Guide. We find it such a useful resource for them that each person that checks in gets a copy of the guide. Likewise, our sponsorship investment in the guide is already paying off via the Mountain Man coupon and the coupon that was included in our ad. A very useful product for our guests and for our business.” Brian and Allison, Lookout Mtn KOA

Contact Us:

Chuck Lee

828 230 4510