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Who We Are

The Adventure Collective is powered by real people and mostly dogs

Are we not men? We are Devo

Are we not men? We are Devo

Chuck Lee   chuck@advguides.com Chuck’s favorite color is green

Jaime Lee   jlee@advguides.com Jaime likes ketchup with her grilled cheese

Print Graphic Design- Nathan Sabo  gdhog79@yahoo.com Nathan wears glasses

Digital Architect- Tim Gallaugher tim.gallaugher@gmail.com Tim used to live in a van down by the lake

Digital Graphic Design- Tara Holden  holden.tara@gmail.com Tara has very strong toes

Nathan is proud of his work

Nathan is proud of his work

Support Guru- Jackson (of the Jackson 5), Lola (Nature Girl), Mendo (Sargent at Arms), Pisgah (Trail Hound), Grandpa (of the St. Louis McGhee’s)

The Asheville Adventure Guide Crew

Map Illustrator- Brennen McElhaney  bmc@brennendesign.com Brennen prefers pencils over pens

Distribution Guru- Pahaska  traildog33@aol.com Pahaska is not related to Yeti

Chattanooga Adventure Guide Crew

Local Wordsmith- Sam Silvey  ssilvey@mac.com Sam is a 21st Century Renaissance Man

Map Design- Andrew Carroll  andrew@acarroll-gis.org Andrew goes by Andy

Distribution Guru- Ray Zimmerman-  ray@rockyruby.com Ray has a goatee

Support Guru- The Rogers Family (Cinco Grande)

Charleston Adventure Guide Crew

Local Wordsmith/Distribution- Stratton Lawrence  strattonlawrence@gmail.com Stratton has joined Sam in the 21st Century Renaissance Man Club

Distribution Guru- Brenda Derrick  brenda0546@aol.com Brenda knows all the best restaurants in Moncks Corner