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About Us

The Adventure Collective is a collection of people, information, and organizations with adventure at the core.  With the focus on localized adventure guides, The Adventure Collective is a resource aimed at getting more people outdoors. We publish outdoor adventure guides in print and online for Asheville, Boone, Chattanooga, Charleston and the Smokies.

Our Philosophy

While we aren’t sure if The Adventure Collective will solve all the world’s problems, we do think we are heading in the right direction in getting more folks outdoors. We decided to use the word ‘collective’ with the goal of creating a body of work that brings together a collection of people, information, and organizations with adventure at their core.  In the end, The Adventure Collective is about the people that contribute and use this resource.

Our Team

The Adventure Collective is based in Asheville, North Carolina, but our team of contributors stretches across the Southeast. We are always looking for writers and photographers who share our love of adventure and want to contribute to our print and online guides. For more information on upcoming issues and how you can contribute, please email us by dropping a line to

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