Looking Glass Rock Climbing

Looking Glass Rock Climbing (Brevard)

Footsloggers Outdoor Rock Climbing TowerLooking Glass Rock | Traditional Climbing: Perhaps the quintessential southeastern US climbing spot, Looking Glass Rock features enough routes to occupy many a full day of adventure. Steeped in history and set in the most beautiful part of the Pisgah NF, the massive, white granite dome includes climbs of all varieties and grades, providing challenges for first-time novices and experienced veterans alike.

Nestled in the heart of the vast Pisgah National Forest in the southern Appalachian mountains, Looking Glass Rock is among the best North Carolina rock climbing areas. The 500-foot-tall granite dome has been drawing North Carolina rock climbers for nearly a half-century thanks to the diversity of climbing styles found at the five different rock climbing areas.

When it comes to trad climbing, North Carolina is renowned for its bold, ground up climbs that oftentimes tread a thin line between frightening and fun. While Looking Glass is certainly no exception to the standard, the wide variety of climbing found at the four different areas provide a wide-range of classic climbs of all grades, from 5.5 slabs to 5.13+ testpieces.

For beginners at Looking Glass, the numerous horizontal eyebrows that are the signature feature of the towering batholith offer plentiful, but sometimes-tricky placements that lead to some fun, exciting climbing that is certain to provide a good introduction to the area’s unique style of climbing. For climbers in search of splitter cracks and Yosemite-like corners to jam and stem their way up, look no further as there are more than a few of those to be found lurking among the expansive sea of granite as well.


Directions from Brevard: Head northeast on US-64 E/S Broad St toward E Main St.  Continue to follow US-64 E for 3.5 miles.  At the stoplight take a left on 276 and then continue 4.7 miles to the intersection where FR 475 is; take a left there. Travel a few miles on FR 475, the 64 going out road turns to gravel and splits.  The right fork is the one to take. Parking will be where the sign for Slickrock Falls Trails is located.  Park at Slickrock Falls Trail for everything on the South side.  For the North side continue 2 miles further past Slickrock Falls Trail you will pass Sunwall Trail parking lot.  Continue for a quarter of a mile North Side and Hidden Wall is in a pullout.

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