McKinney Gap Boulders

The McKinney Gap Boulders are a new bouldering area just north of Asheville with high quality rock in a dense zone with a nice selection of fun climbs that range from moderately difficult (v2-v4) to a handful of classic hard problems in the v6-v10 range. The area was developed in large part by Asheville-climber Luke Evans and was recently opened to the public with the help and support of the Carolina Climbers Coalition.

The McKinney Gap Boulders, as well as nearby Weaver Knob bouldering area, are managed by the Carolina Climbers Coalition, a non-profit organization that works to preserve and protect climbing areas in the region. The organization has worked with local landowners to establish access to the boulders and maintain the trails and parking areas.

The boulders at McKinney Gap offer a variety of climbing styles, from technical slabs to steep overhangs, and there are problems for climbers of all skill levels. The area is also known for its stunning scenery and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

While the area is open to the public, climbers are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the natural environment. Additionally, climbers should be aware that bouldering can be a dangerous activity and should always climb with a partner and use appropriate safety equipment.

Overall, McKinney Gap Boulders is a popular and well-respected bouldering destination in the Asheville area, and it offers an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the North Carolina mountains while testing your climbing skills.

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