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Outfitters are the lifeblood of local outdoor communities therefore, it is only fair that readers have access to those businesses that are truly essential resources in the area they inhabit. The Adventure Collective is uniquely positioned to connect businesses with potential customers through the local information, educational resources, and engaging stories.

Print Guides

The Print Guides are traditionally how the majority of people have interacted with our brand. Businesses have a few different opportunities if they want to be a part of the print guides the first is the business directory. the Business directory is a space where your business will be listed with its contact information for selling the print guide. The next opportunity is to take out an ad in the guide for a specific area and pursuit.

New for 2021 is the ability to be a Title Sponsor of a print guide. This allows you to select the content from our expanse library to best suit the need of your customers, essentially creating a customized guide. The customized guide make a perfect promotional item or as an accessory of where to use their newly purchased gear.


Our website attracts over 100,000 visitors each year searching for the necessary info to get them out on their next big adventure. The website also features various blogs and videos highlighting all aspects of the outdoor culture around the Southeast. Our Local Resources page is a directory of different businesses in a certain area that folks can turn to for even more in-depth knowledge and get all the gear and supplies they need for their next outing. There are also ad spaces available on the website itself where you can request to be on certain pages that may complement your mission.

Social Media

The @advguides Instagram and Facebook accounts are a place where we get to connect with adventurers, badasses, and local legends across the globe while spreading the good word about all the Southeast has to offer. This is also a space where we can promote different products, businesses, and areas to increase their respective traffic whether in-person or online.

Ad & Media Rates
Print Guide Directory$###
Print Guide Half Page/Full Page Ad$### / $#### Website Listing (includes a link on the “Local Resources” page to a page dedicated to your business that includes your contact information, some featured photos, and a description of what you have to offer)$250
Social Media Partner$###
Title Sponsorship of a Print Guide (Minimum order of 1000)Pricing begins at $###
Print Guide & Website AdPricing begins at $####
Print Guide & Social Media PartnerPricing begins at $###
Social Media Partner & Website AdPricing begins at $###
Adventure Collective Partner (includes ad options across Social Media, the website, and Print Guides.)Pricing begins at $#####

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