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CCC Working To Protect Boone Boulders

The Carolina Climbers Coalition is making a big move to protect some of the oldest developed bouldering in the High Country and needs your help to raise money to help fund the purchase.

The CCC has teamed up with Joey Henson, a High Country bouldering legend, to purchase and permanently protect Buckeye Knob. Along with Buckeye Knob, the CCC is also placing the Barn Boulders into a conservation easement that will ensure they will be permanently protected as well.

Check out the video below by Adam Johnson to learn more and head over to the Carolina Climbers Coalition’s website to donate toward this project.

The CCC has entered into a contract to purchase 55 acres from Highland Forestry and Timber to protect Buckeye Knob and open access to several hundred boulder problems outside of Boone. Now we need to raise the money!

Buckeye Knob and the Barn Boulders have been a Boone locals secret for many years and curated, developed and protected by the man himself, Joey Henson. Without Joey’s dedication to the boulders and hard work putting together the pieces this deal would never have come together. Thanks!

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