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Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness Hiking

Explore Laurel-Snow Wilderness (Chattanooga)

Laurel-Snow Pocket Wilderness (Cumberland Trail, Dayton): Laurel-Snow is a 2,259-acre natural area located on the eastern escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, just north of Dayton. The trail, named for its two scenic waterfalls, includes three scenic overlooks as well as creeks, steep gorges, a small stand of virgin timber and spring wildflowers. After 1.5 miles of hiking into the natural area beside Richland Creek, the trail forks. Follow the trail to the left to reach Snow Falls (35 ft.); follow the trail to the right to reach Laurel Falls (80 ft). Both trails are about 8 miles round trip. Always take extra precaution around waterfalls!

Laurel Snow Buzzard Point

The view from Buzzard Point at Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness

Directions from Chattanooga: Take Hwy 27 N for 39 miles to the Walnut Grove Rd. exit in Dayton and turn left. Proceed 3/4 of a mile to Back Valley Rd. and turn left. Proceed 0.7 mile to an unmarked gravel road/Richland Creek Rd. (small white church on the left) and turn right. One mile to parking area at the end of Richland Creek Rd.

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