Chattanooga Hiking Guide
Best Hiking Trails, Chattanooga

Chattanooga Hiking Trails Guide

Best Chattanooga Hiking Trails

Looking for the best Chattanooga Hiking Trails? You’ve come to the right place. With miles of great hiking trails in Chattanooga, there are plenty of options, but we’ve chosen a few of our favorite Chattanooga hiking trails.

West Rim and Waterfall Trail (Cloudland Canyon State Park): A 1,180 ft. canyon located off of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon is claimed as one of the prettiest and least used parks in the state. The West Rim Trail gives hikers an amazing view of the canyon, while the Waterfall Trail will highlight the Sitton Gulch Creek that created the canyon.

Directions from Chattanooga: Take 1-24 W for 10.2 miles to I-59 S. Stay on I-59 S for 8.3 miles. Take exit 11 and turn left onto GA-136. Follow signs for GA-136 for 6.5 miles. Left into Cloudland Canyon State Park at top of the mountain.

Sunset Rock (Lookout Mountain): Obvious to its name, Sunset Rock offers a great place for hikers to come and watch the sun go down. A short hike from the parking lot and hikers will find themselves atop an 80 ft, cliff with a front row view of the Sunset. Over 20 miles of trails branch off from Sunset Rock, so hikers have many different hiking options.

Directions from Chattanooga: Take Broad St. toward Lookout Mountain. Follow Broad St. until it turns into Cummings Hwy. Continue on Cummings Hwy until left turn onto Scenic Hwy. Take Scenic Hwy for approx. 4 miles to a right turn onto W. Brow Rd. Parking lot will be on the left within 1.5 miles.

Signal Point Trail (Cumberland Trail, Prentice Cooper State Forest): A must do hike in Chattanooga filled with scenic overlooks, waterfalls, swinging bridges, and water side campsites! A short hike from the parking lot, hikers are greeted with an overlook of the Tennessee River Gorge and downtown Chattanooga. A couple of miles further, and hikers will encounter Rainbow Falls on their left. To complete the day, stop at Shuford’s BBQ at the bottom of Signal Mountain.

Directions from Chattanooga: Take Hwy 27 N to Signal Mtn. Rd. exit. Take Signal Mtn. Rd./US 127 for 5 miles to left on to Signal Mtn. Blvd. Follow 0.1 mile to left on Mississippi Ave. Follow for 0.8 mile to right on to James Blvd. for 0.2 mile to left on to Signal Point Rd. Follow 0.3 mile to parking area.

Laurel-Snow Pocket Wilderness (Cumberland Trail, Dayton): Laurel-Snow is a 2,259-acre natural area located on the eastern escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, just north of Dayton. The trail, named for its two scenic waterfalls, includes three scenic overlooks as well as creeks, steep gorges, a small stand of virgin timber and spring wildflowers. After 1.5 miles of hiking into the natural area beside Richland Creek, the trail forks. Follow the trail to the left to reach Snow Falls (35 ft.); follow the trail to the right to reach Laurel Falls (80 ft). Both trails are about 8 miles round trip. Always take extra precaution around waterfalls!

Directions from Chattanooga: Take Hwy 27 N for 39 miles to the Walnut Grove Rd. exit in Dayton and turn left. Proceed 3/4 of a mile to Back Valley Rd. and turn left. Proceed 0.7 mile to an unmarked gravel road/Richland Creek Rd. (small white church on the left) and turn right. One mile to parking area at the end of Richland Creek Rd.



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