Shred the Mountain Bike Pump Track at Brad Ragan Park

Brad Ragan Park: Whether it’s the first you’re throwing your leg over a bike or a seasoned rider, a pump track is a perfect place to hone the skills needed to ride in any terrain. The Thickets MTB pump track has specifically been designed to be a place where everyone can ride but, especially larger wheel bikes like modern 29ers and 27.5 bikes can still have just as much fun. Test your ability to double the rollers or take the time to really refine your pumping technique and try to make it all around the track without pedaling.

Directions from Asheville: Take I-26W to US-19E N, next turn right on Greenwood Rd. Continue for a minute or two then turn right on Harris St then a left on Laurel Creek Ct.

Jason Marquardt

Jason can usually be found casting to wild fish on small streams, daydreaming over bikepacking routes, or diabolically plotting some multisport adventure deep in the mountains around Brevard, NC. Every now and again he even writes something that can be found on his blog or here on the adventure collective.

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