Ledges Whitewater Park

Ledges Whitewater River Park (Asheville)

Ledges Whitewater River Park (Asheville): When it comes to whitewater paddling, the Asheville area is known as one of the top destinations in the east. For local paddlers looking to hone their skills, the Ledges Whitewater Park has long been a fun destination for a short session on the water. With multiple play spots featuring small, but fun waves, a variety of different downriver lines and a flat, easy approach, this Asheville city park offers boaters a close-town whitewater park ideally suited for an afternoon session. More advanced boaters sometimes challenge themselves by heading upstream through the rapids in pursuit of attainment, a type of paddling where boaters go against the flow.

Directions from Asheville: Merge onto I-240 W/US-70 W.  Take exit 4A for U.S. 19 N U.S. 23 N U.S. 70 W Interstate 26 toward Weaverville Woodfin.  Continue onto I-26 W/US-19 N/US-23 N/US-70 W.  Take exit 21 for New Stock Rd.  Turn left onto New Stock Rd.  Turn left onto Aiken Rd.  Turn right onto Goldview Rd.  Turn right onto NC-251 N. Destination will be on the right.

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