Lover’s Leap Loop Running Trail

Part run, part steep hike, the Lover’s Leap Loop follows the Appalachian Trail from downtown Hot Springs, along the French Broad River, and climbs the ridge to Lover’s Leap rock overlooking the river and the surrounding mountains. Take Lover’s Leap Trail back down the ridge for a 2-mile loop.

Directions from Asheville: Take 1-26 W/US 19/23 N to Weaverville then US 25/ US 70 W to Hot Springs. If you park in town head north on Bridge Street and cross the bridge over the French Broad River. Be sure to follow the white Appalachian Trail blazes. After crossing the bridge step over the guard rail and follow the path to the street below. Continue to head upriver following the AT blazes until the trail takes a sharp turn up the mountain.

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