Surf The Washout Folly Beach

Surf The Washout (Folly Beach)

Although it’s hardly consistent year-round, Folly Beach is arguably the best break in S.C., if not the most popular. Surfers come out of the woodwork on big days to ride the popular Washout break, known by that name because of hurricanes’ propensity to cut a new creek through the island at the spot. Show up at dawn and you’ll enjoy what are typically the day’s glassiest and cleanest surf conditions, sans crowds. If you’re confined to an after-work late afternoon session, there are plenty of solid surf spots on the island other than the Washout. Try anywhere from 6th to 9th block on the island’s east side.

Folly Beach Surfing

Directions from Charleston: From downtown, take the James Island Expressway until it dead ends into Folly Rd. Take a right and continue to Folly Beach. Take a left on Ashley Ave. at the stop light and drive until the houses stop on either side of you.

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