Horse Pens 40 (Oneida, AL)

Horse Pens 40 is an international destination for boulderers, with acres of bulbous sandstone faces, blunt prows, tall slabs, steep overhangs, and challenging water grooves. For a small day fee ($5/day/climber), the owners, Mike and Gina Shultz, have been so kind to open up this once closed gem of a boulder field to the public. There are over 100 problems from V-3-V5, and just as many between V6-V8, all within earshot of the parking lot, campgrounds ($10/person/night) and the general store. All amenities, including rental climbing gear is available. Especially notable problems are: Genesis (V3), Bumboy (V3), Man with the Slow Hand (V4), Millipede (V5), Moon Arete (V6), Chattanooga Plow (V7), Skywalker (V8), Slider (V9) and God Module (V11).

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