Suck Creek/Signal Mountain Ride (Suck Creek/Signal Mtn, Road Ride)

Suck Creek/Signal Mountain Ride (Suck Creek/Signal Mtn, Road Ride)

A 46-mile road ride that climbs Suck Creek Mountain and Signal Mountain. In between climbs you will get to enjoy the scenic views of Sequatchie Valley and see why so many locals refer to Sequatchie Valley as “God’s Country”. For an added adventure, take the W-Road off of Signal Mountain, and find out why it is called the “W” road!

Want to make your ride easier and more fun? Consider an electric bike. Asheville-based M2S Bikes offers a wide range of electric bikes that can help you climb hills faster and easier while still getting a great workout. 

Directions from Chattanooga: We suggest picking up a cue sheet and starting this ride from River City Bicycles on the north shore of town on 112 Tremont St. at Frazier. From the parking lot take a right on Frazier Ave. until you turn left on Signal Blvd. to Suck Creek Rd.

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