Pearsons Falls | Saluda Adventures

Pearson’s Falls | Saluda Adventures

Pearson’s Falls | Saluda Adventures

Pearson’s Falls is one of Saluda’s best adventures. The area gets its name thanks to the 90-foot-tall Pearson’s Falls, but there is far more to see than just the falls. The 268-acre wildlife and bird sanctuary of Pearson’s Falls is located in the foothills of Western North Carolina off Hwy. 176 between Tryon and Saluda. In addition to the beautiful creek and waterfall that gives Pearson’s Falls its name, adventure seekers will find a serene native forest, granite outcroppings, spring-fed streams and a fun, moderately difficult 1/4 mile hike to the waterfall. Along the way, visitors should keep their eyes out for some of the over 200 species of rare wildflowers and plants found in the forest. The deciduous climax forest is home to seemingly endless variations of mosses, lichens, shrubs and trees

Pearson’s Falls is owned and maintained by The Tryon Garden Club, which is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to foster awareness and appreciation of the natural world. There is a $5 admission fee for adults and $1 fee for children.

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Directions To Pearson’s Falls

Pearson’s Falls and Glen is located off Route 176, 4 miles north of Tryon, NC or 3 miles south of Saluda, NC.

From Tryon: Take route 176 toward Saluda for about 4 miles. Turn at brown sign onto Pearson Falls Road.

From Saluda: Take route 176 toward Tryon for about 3 miles. Turn onto Pearson Falls Road.

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