West Prong Little River Fishing

West Prong Little River Fishing

Despite paralleling Newfound Gap Road and being known as one of the best fishing streams in the mountains, it’s relatively easy to find a place to yourself along the Little River’s West Prong. Loaded with rainbow and brook trout, anglers find easy access downstream of the Chimneys Picnic Area. Beyond there, the river becomes far more difficult to get to, and is frequently scattered with sizeable boulders that make navigating the river difficult. With both easily reachable and remote spots, the Little Pigeon offers something for every fisherman. The river can be tough to fish at times of low water, but comes alive with fish after heavy rains.

Directions: From Gatlinburg, drive south on US 441/TN-71, continuing through the main entrance to the park (Newfound Gap Rd.). The road parallels the river for much of the first 10 miles within the park.

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