M2S Bikes Updates Their Trail Sport HT – Expects It To Be Their Best-Selling Electric Mountain & Commuter Bike This Year

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ASHEVILLE, NC – November 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — M2S Bikes is announcing an early look at their holiday special offers on some of their best-selling electric bike models and are kicking things off with their most popular 27.5” trail bike, the Trail Sport HT.

The Trail Sport HT is a rear hub electric bike that features a 750 watt motor and a choice of different battery options, as well as several different sizes to help ensure riders get the perfect size bike. The bike includes a rear rack, front and rear lights and full coverage fenders to help reduce spray from the road in wet conditions.

The Trail Sport Series from Mountains to Sea Electric Bikes is packed with great features including hydraulic disc brakes to help provide quick and easy stopping, a full color display with USB port to help charge devices while on the go, a thumb throttle that can reach speeds of 20 mph and an active pedal assist mode that can go up to 28 mph.
This bike also features a Shimano 8-speed drivetrain for crisp, easy shifting to make riding at fast speed or climbing hills more suitable by selecting the appropriate gear.

Riding range varies based on the battery options that are selected with the fully integrated “Stealth” design offering an estimate 20 miles per charge while the top of the line 25 amp hour non-Stealth design can reach 75+ miles per charge.

According to M2S Bikes’ founder Eric Crews, this is one of the company’s favorite bikes thanks to its versatility both on roads and trails. “We love the look and styling of these bikes and believe they offer the ideal combination of off-road capability with a range of features like integrated lights, rack and fenders that can make commuting on the roads a great option,” Crews said. “The Trail Sport series really fills a nice gap in the market today with a good blend of performance on roads, greenways and unpaved surfaces and it’s the bike that I’m most likely to choose for a fun adventure around town because I know I can take it all types of surfaces. This bike really epitomizes the approach we take in designing our bikes. We believe the best commutes are those that continue on beyond where the pavement ends and this bike does that with ease. We love the idea of being able to link together greenways, gravel roads, single-track trails and bike lanes to put together routes that are fun and adventurous. This bike excels at all of those types of riding and truly is a fun all around adventure bike.”

Customers at M2S Bikes who have recently purchased this model agree that the Trail Sport is the ideal bike for their needs.

“What a great bike! Super easy to finish assembling (less than 30 minutes). This is our 2nd M2S E-Bike. My wife rides a Scout and I the Sport HT. We needed bikes that could conquer the hills and mountains in Colorado and our M2S bikes do the job. Great E-Bikes, superb service and support. Can’t get any better,” said Robert C., who purchased his bikes in the summer of 2022.

Mark S. agrees and found the experience of working with M2S Bikes to be one that he thoroughly enjoyed.

“Everything, and I mean everything from start to finish of this purchase was great. I was so ignorant of E-Bikes that I had to call and ask 70 questions. Of course they answered every one, made some suggestions, and I placed my order,” he said. “I freaking LOVE this bike. I’ve always wanted a Mustang GT, and I got one 3 days before this bike, and I’ve hardly driven it. That’s a testimony in and of itself. I live within 5 miles of just about everywhere I go. Been riding my M2S to all of them. Not a problem yet.”

The versatility of the bike and the ability to get a workout while not over-exerting herself was one of the key features Barbara S. was looking for when researching bikes. She said she found it when she ordered and received the Trail Sport HT.

“I love it!” she wrote. “As a 73 year old rider, this bike give me so many more options of places to ride in our hilly County. Still a good workout and I don’t feel like I have to get into really good shape before I can ride hills.”

The Trail Sport HT is on sale now for a limited time. Normal retail prices range from $1699 to $2499, but the current sale has these bikes at 25% off for a using the code TrailSport at checkout. If you’re interested in checking these bikes out for yourself, head over to their website using the link below and the code will be automatically applied to your order at checkout. https://ride.m2sbikes.com/discount/TrailSport?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Ftrailsport-ht-series

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