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2016 WNC Adventure Guide
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What We Do

The Adventure Collective is a collection of people, information, and organizations with adventure at the core.  With the focus on localized adventure guides, The Adventure Collective is a resource aimed at getting more people outdoors.

Our Philosophy

While we aren’t sure if The Adventure Collective will end world hunger, we do think we are heading in the right direction in getting more folks outdoors. We decided to use the word ‘collective’ with the goal of creating a body of work that brings together a collection of people, information, and organizations with adventure at their core.  In the end, The Adventure Collective is about the people that contribute and use this resource.

Get Outdoors

It’s pretty simple-get outdoors. Each adventure that we recommend will bring you in direct contact with adventure and the outside world. We can’t directly site any particular studies but we are pretty sure that spending time outdoors will greatly improve your overall outlook on life.

Low Impact Business Approach

Our goal from the beginning was to do our best to create something that has a low impact on the environment. We started by trying to keep as much as possible in the local community. When possible, we strive to keep each guide a local project by working with local experts, artists, printers, distributors, etc. We realize we still have areas of improvement but hope we at least get some ‘greenie’ points.

Low Impact on the Trails

Please take a Leave No Trace attitude when hitting the trail or river. As you can imagine, a number of these trails and rivers can get a fair amount of use during the year so be mindful of how you use them.

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