Motorola Defy Satellite Link Brings Satellite Connectivity To Your Adventures

Go Off Grid & Stay Connected

An innovative new accessory from Motorola brings adventure seekers the option to stay connected no matter where they roam. The smartphone add-on turns any smartphone into satellite-enabled device with the ability to send and receive text messages and even, in the event of emergency, an SOS alert to operators who are standing by ready to help arrange a rescue.

This small, yet rugged device is waterproof and designed to stand up to the elements, no matter what you throw it at, and give you peace of mind to know that even when you’re without a cell signal in the most remote location you can still get a message out and stay in contact with your friends and family to keep them updated on your adventures if needed.

Motorola Defy Satellite Link

The Satellite Link device is about the size of a credit card and weighs just 70 grams, making it a lightweight, but powerful accessory to bring along on your next adventure.

The device costs $99 and will be available to purchase in Q2 2023. Texts take about 10 seconds to transmit after being sent to and from satellites nearly 22,000 miles from the equator.

The Defy Satellite Link isn’t locked onto any mobile device. So, one device can be used by multiple people in a household, as long as it is paired with their smartphone. At the core of the device lies MediaTek’s 3GPP-NTN standard modem that connects to the satellites thousands of miles above.

The device does require a monthly subscription and is available in two options: the SOS Assist pack, which starts at $4.99 a month, or, for those looking for a little more than emergency assistance, there is a $149 annual subscription that provides 30 two-way text messages per month in addition to the SOS assistance.

“Reliable communication beyond the traditional reaches of the cellular network is a major issue for a lot of people, and satellite technology is now at the right level of maturity to address the problem,” said Tim Shepherd, Bullitt’s senior director of applications and product marketing.

The company also announced a new satellite-enabled smartphone, which comes in two versions, Cat S75 and the Motorola Defy 2. The phones have 5G connectivity and battery power that lasts around two days when powered on.

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