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Surf The Washout Folly Beach

Surf The Washout (Folly Beach)

Although it’s hardly consistent year-round, Folly Beach is arguably the best break in S.C., if not the most popular. Surfers come out of the woodwork on big days to ride the popular Washout break, known by that name because of hurricanes’ propensity to cut a new creek through the island...

Standup Paddleboard Isle of Palms

Standup Paddleboard (Isle of Palms)

Before surfboards evolved into the tiny daggers they are today, most were hefty planks. Stand-up paddleboarding takes that history a step further, adding enough girth and buoyancy to the board to allow a person to stand upright and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. The...

Paddling Shem Creek

Paddle Shem Creek & Crab Bank Island Preserve

Paddle Around Crab Bank Island Preserve (Mt. Pleasant): An easy paddle out Shem Creek and around Crab Bank Island in the Charleston Harbor with great views of Fort Sumter, Ravenel Bridge, Patriot’s Point, and Sullivan’s Island. Crab Bank Island is home to thousands of nesting shorebirds...