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Float The Holston | Smallmouth Fishing

Float The Holston | Smallmouth Fishing: The Holston Proper is a smallmouth fishery that offers anglers year round opportunities. Spring, summer, and fall are the primary fishing seasons, but there are numerous respectable fishing days throughout the winter. It is one of the most varied smallmouth rivers you will ever cast a line on.

The Holston Proper offers everything from large limestone shoals to lengthy grass flats that give the fish many places to hide and ambush. At first sight, anglers are always surprised at the size of this water. With a number of sections nearing 200 yards in width, it is quite possibly one of the largest smallmouth rivers in the Southeast. Because of the limited access points on the Holston Proper, anglers should be prepared for an extended day of fishing.

Smallmouth trips down the Holston Proper offer great experiences for everyone from the beginner to the hard-core smallmouth angler.

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