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Video: Looking Glass Bouldering

In this video of Looking Glass Bouldering, Travis Gray, author of Underground Rhodo Productions, works his way through some of the classics at the North Side of Looking Glass Boulders. Featured problems include The Walrus, Death By Dyno and Streetcar Named Desire with music by Trouble Andrew. Video shot and produced by Eric Crews of Land of Sky Media.

“What I like the most about Looking Glass bouldering is just how serene it is and how quiet it is,” he said. “You can be out there by yourself and not hear a soul. I think it is good for people to have that type of place – somewhere to escape to.”

Gray said the natural scenery of the Looking Glass Boulders is hard to describe with words.

“It’s just majestic,” he said of the forest. “It’s in the shadow of the North Side that just towers above you when you are out there.”

looking glass bouldering 4Gray, who has been climbing since he was 12 years old, said he really enjoys the aspect of perseverance that climbing requires in order to be successful. Gray, who frequently participates in indoor climbing competitions, said that learning to push himself to improve is something that he has learned to love.

“I really like having to try so hard over and over before achieving that successful outcome,” he said of the process of completing a difficult climb. “It’s one of the most incredible feelings ever.”

Gray has repeated many of the most difficult problems at Looking Glass, many of which were put up by Brevard Rock Gym climbing coach and boulderer Dan Horne. Gray said that being able to repeat the difficult routes that others have done before him gives him inspiration and a desire to keep pushing himself to get stronger.

Gray said he also really enjoys the camaraderie of the climbing scene.

“I like being out with friends and hanging out and watching them climb strong,” he said. “It’s just a great environment.”

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