Avery Creek Fly Fishing

Avery Creek Fly Fishing

Avery Creek Fly Fishing: Avery Creek is a small tributary of the Davidson near Brevard that is a critical spawning ground for rainbows and browns. It is classified as a Wild Trout stream, which has no closed season and allows a limited amount of harvest (though we recommend you practice catch-and-release, due to heavy fishing pressure along the stream.) Via Headwaters Outfitters Access is via the Pisgah Horse Stables road and the 3.2-mile Avery Creek Trail. Avery fishes best in the spring and summer, especially when the Davidson is high and stained from rains. Resident fish are generally 7 to 9 inches long, but wild and colorful. Fish a short 3- or 4-weight rod, bring some attractor dries and explore parts of the stream off the beaten path.

Directions from Brevard: Head north on US 276 – Pass the Pisgah District Ranger Station/Visitor Center parking lot – Proceed ½ mile and turn right on first gravel road (FS 477, signed for Pisgah Riding Stables). Continue 2.3 miles to Avery Creek trailhead, which has room for two vehicles on left. If this space is not available, proceed 0.3 miles further to the Buckhorn Gap (#103) trailhead, which has parking space on the right for six vehicles. Return to Avery Creek trailhead and proceed as below; or take Buckhorn Gap Trail approximately 0.6 miles to its intersection with Avery Creek Trail (0.5 miles upstream of the Avery Creek trailhead) and take a right onto Avery Creek Road. Traverse the gravel road past the Horse Stables to the Buckhorn Gap parking area on the right, roughly 1.2 miles up the road. Hike Buckhorn down to Avery Creek Trail to the creek where the waterfall awaits.

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