Best Mountain Biking Trails In Dupont State Forest

Dupont State Forest is a popular destination for mountain bikers, with over 80 miles of trails that wind through lush forests, over rocky terrain, and past stunning waterfalls. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a trail in Dupont State Forest that’s perfect for you.

Welcome to your definitive travel guide for an unforgettable mountain biking adventure near DuPont State Recreational Forest! Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this area is a treasure trove of trails, scenic beauty, and outdoor excitement. Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or just looking to explore the trails, DuPont State Recreational Forest and its surroundings offer an array of options to suit every level of experience.

Getting There

DuPont State Recreational Forest is located between the towns of Hendersonville and Brevard in North Carolina—about a 40-minute drive from Asheville. The closest airports are Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) in South Carolina. Car rentals are available at both airports, providing an easy way to reach the forest.

Best Time to Visit

The area experiences a temperate climate, making it suitable for mountain biking year-round. However, the best time to visit for mountain biking is from late spring to early fall (May to October), when the weather is mild and the trails are usually dry. Summer offers lush, green landscapes but prepare for warmer temperatures and occasional afternoon showers.

Trails to Explore

DuPont State Recreational Forest boasts over 100 miles of multi-use trails, with many suitable for mountain biking. Here are some top picks:

Ridgeline Trail: Ridgeline Trail is one of the most popular trails in Dupont State Forest, and for good reason. The trail is fast and flowy, with plenty of berms and rollers that will have you grinning from ear to ear. The trail is rated as intermediate, but beginners can still enjoy it with some caution.

Cedar Rock Trail: Cedar Rock Trail is a classic Dupont trail, with technical features and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The trail is rated as difficult, with rocky sections and steep climbs, but the reward is well worth it. The trail is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Burnt Mountain Trail: Burnt Mountain Trail is a challenging trail that offers a mix of technical features and fast descents. The trail is rated as difficult, with rocky sections and steep climbs, but the views from the top are worth the effort. The trail is less crowded than some of the other trails in Dupont, making it a great place to escape the crowds.

Airstrip Trail: Airstrip Trail is a relatively easy trail that’s perfect for beginners or those looking for a more mellow ride. The trail winds through open fields and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The trail is also a great place to spot wildlife, including deer and wild turkeys.

Reasonover Creek Trail: Reasonover Creek Trail is a fun and flowy trail that winds along Reasonover Creek. The trail is rated as intermediate, with plenty of berms and rollers that will have you grinning from ear to ear. The trail is also a great place to cool off on a hot summer day, as there are several spots where you can dip your toes in the creek.

Tips Before You Go

  • Trail Etiquette: Remember to yield to pedestrians and horseback riders. If you’re riding in a group, keep single file and leave no trace.
  • Stay Prepared: Weather can change quickly, so pack layers, rain gear, and plenty of water and snacks. A well-maintained mountain bike and helmet are essential.
  • Trail Maps: Pick up a trail map at the forest’s visitor center or download one from the official website. GPS devices or apps can also be helpful in keeping you on track.

Where to Stay

Accommodations near DuPont State Recreational Forest range from camping and cabins within the forest to hotels and vacation rentals in nearby towns like Brevard and Hendersonville. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak season.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pisgah National Forest: Just a short drive away, offering more challenging trails and breathtaking natural beauty.
  • Brevard Music Center: Enjoy an evening of classical music after a day on the trails.
  • Asheville: Known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture, Asheville is perfect for a rest day exploration.

Overall, Dupont State Forest is a mountain biker’s paradise, with a variety of trails for all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for flowy singletrack, technical descents, or stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Dupont has something for everyone. So come on out and explore the trails, and see why Dupont State Forest is one of the best places to ride a mountain bike in the country.

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